Mallory Loehr

“Plot, pacing, character, world-building, writing style. Fantasy, humor, contemporary, literary, commercial, graphic novel, middle grade, or YA. Jim Thomas has the editorial chops to tackle them all. Jim uses brains and heart, logic and intuition to inspire writers to do their absolute best, and then go the steps beyond their best that they didn’t know possible. I cannot recommend him more highly, for both a top-level finished book and for the process that brings it there.”

—Mallory Loehr, VP and Publishing Director, Random House Children’s Books

Stephen Frey

“Jim Thomas is a stunning talent. Insightful, diligent, efficient, and communicative, his involvement lifts any project to a much higher level and provides immediate credibility. As tremendous as those short-term benefits are, it’s the long term that’s even better. Jim teaches skills authors will use for a lifetime. Character development, plotting, dialogue, description—he does it all.”

Stephen Frey, New York Times bestselling author of the Red Cell series


Jake Wizner

“Jim Thomas is a phenomenal editor. He has a sharp eye, a gentle touch, and a big, big heart. I was blessed as a new author to work with someone who guided me through the publication of my first books with so much wisdom and warmth.”

Jake Wizner, Spanking Shakespeare

Michael Zoumas

“Jim’s understanding of story, of what works and doesn’t work, is simply invaluable. I wish I’d known him when I worked at Dimension Films.”

—Michael Zoumas, Executive Producer, Coraline; coauthor, The Ghost Hunter’s Manual

Tim Willocks

“Jim is thorough, astute, and above all passionate, and has an eye for the market that, perhaps, many of us mere authors sometimes lack. If you want an expert pair of hands, you won’t find better. Jim gives you all he’s got, and you won’t find more.”

Tim Willocks, Doglands

Richard Long

“Nice guy. More importantly, smart guy. Very experienced guy. Jim knows what the kids want, and what the publishers want. He knows what the “push-back” points will be. Most authors I know are sensitive to criticism. I’m in the ‘hot-house flower’ segment of the sensitive category, and, thankfully, Jim is a tender gardener. His suggestions are always well-considered, to the point, and balanced with much-needed compliments. He gave me excellent advice regarding every aspect of the rewrite—plot construction, character development, pacing and ‘information scaffolding’ (ask Jim to explain that for you). Long story short (he’s good at that, too), I felt like my work was in capable and caring hands with Jim.”

Richard Long, The Dream Palace, The Book of Paul, a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Horror