Rachel Rodriguez

“I knew of Jim’s fine reputation as an editor before working with him. Yet entrusting anyone with my middle-grade ‘baby’ was a tad unsettling. Then I got his feedback. Thoughtful and respectful. Intently focused on strengthening my novel. It bowled me over. Jim’s mind ‘on story’ is amazing. He spent weeks thinking about my story, and it showed. His depth of feedback far surpassed what my busy critique group of seasoned authors could possibly offer. Working with Jim was like getting an informal MFA, helping take my storytelling to the next level. Worth every penny.”

Rachel Rodríguez, Through Georgia’s Eyes and Building on Nature: The Life of Antoní Gaudí

Steve Cotler

“Jim Thomas took the first draft of my first book and led me, with much tact and even more firmness, through all the rewrites required to take it from what I thought was perfect into a manuscript that really was perfect. Without his keen eye and excellent creative judgment, it would not have been nominated in five states as one of the twenty best middle-grade books of the year and turned into a five-book series. Jim knows writing. He knows publishing. Best of all, he is an expert in the care and feeding of authors.”

Steve Cotler, the Cheesie Mack series

Rosanne Parry

“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Jim. I appreciate his strategic thinking in making my books accessible to the broadest readership possible. Jim’s artistic sensibility helped me craft books that are distinctively mine, and true to the stories I intended to tell. His mentoring through a process of publication has made me more able to mentor myself over time.”

Rosanne Parry, Heart of a Shepherd, Written in Stone, Second Fiddle

Gwen Burrow

“Fantastic. Out of this world. His analysis was scary insightful. He kept better track of my plot and characters than I did. His ideas were brilliant. And he is super, super nice. Jim’s suggestions made so much sense, I was exhilarated to tackle the rewrite.

Gwen Burrow, Fool’s Blood

John Claude Bemis

“Jim has an extraordinary talent for seeing exactly what a story needs. Working with him, I learned a tremendous amount about storycraft as well as how to polish up my novels, remove the clutter, and let my characters shine all the more brightly.”

John Claude Bemis, The Clockwork Dark series, The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

Laura Rennert

“I’ve seen Jim give invaluable feedback to authors at all stages of their career. In his work at our Children’s Big Sur Writing Workshop, he helped writers elevate their game immeasurably. He gave them tools not only for working on the projects at hand but also insight into their own process, both strengths and weaknesses, that they can bring to bear on future projects. Jim is a terrific editor, and any writer would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.”

Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Brian Falkner

“In the past I have found editors can be difficult to work with, and the process can be strained. But with Jim the editing was a lot of fun. His incisive comments and deep insights made me question many aspects of my manuscripts, forcing me to re-evaluate characters and plot-points, raising the story to a whole new level.”

Brian Falkner, The Tomorrow Code, Brain Jack, and the Recon Team Angel series

Eleanor Glewwe

“Working with Jim on my middle grade novel was a truly rewarding experience. Jim is a patient, attentive, and kind editor. He was clear and honest about the strengths and weaknesses of my manuscript and offered specific suggestions for how to improve it. His feedback was full of wisdom and useful insights. He wouldn’t let me settle for ‘good enough’ but pushed me to take my book to the next level. Jim not only made my novel much stronger, he also gave me advice that has stayed with me and continues to serve me in my writing.”

Eleanor Glewwe, Sparkers

Dan Elish

“One of New York City’s best children’s book editors. Recently, I sent Jim the first seventy pages of a new novel and his response was everything I could have hoped for, leading to an in-depth discussion of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and leaving me with a clear plan for how to improve it. A great experience.”

Dan Elish, The Worldwide Dessert Contest, Born Too Short, and co-bookwriter of the Broadway musical “13”