There are two basic approaches to editing a manuscript:

The Big Picture: Sometimes called a substantive or developmental edit, this is a review of story elements and arcs that span the length of the manuscript. Is the story’s basic structure sound? Does the plot progress from obstacle to solution in a logical and coherent way? Are the characters fully realized, and do they change and grow as a result of their actions? Is there enough hook to capture readers’ interest and keep them turning the pages?

Nuts and Bolts: Known in the trade as a line edit, this is a close, sentence-by-sentence analysis of the story. Is the narrative avoiding a repetitive tone by varying sentence structure and word choice? Are the verbs and adjectives contributing to a swift pace and powerful prose? Is the overall voice clear? Does the dialogue ring true?

After you contact me, we’ll talk about which approach will most benefit your manuscript. Often, a combination of the two is ideal. My fee is based on the length of your manuscript and the type and degree of feedback you’re looking for. We will negotiate the fee up front.

Mentoring: As a separate service, I also offer one-on-one phone calls to answer questions about the industry, the market, how a publishing house works, or anything else that you’d like to discuss.

Send me an email, and let’s get to work!