I’m a lucky guy. After spending more than twenty years at one of the big New York City children’s book publishers, I’m out on my own, specializing in what brought me to publishing in the first place: Editing.

It’s a passion. When you entrust your story to me, I dedicate myself to it, surrounding myself with your characters, living your plot arcs, hearing your voice, and tracking your themes. I study your story from the inside out to see what more it can be, and offer strategies for how to get there.

My particular area of expertise is fiction for middle-school and high-school kids. A few of my break-out clients are below. I treat each of my writers as if they’re destined to be the next New York Times bestseller or Newbery Award winner. If you’re ready to invite a professional editor into your process, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s dive in!

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